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Three clear signs that PERFECTIONISM and CONTROL is stopping you from your 2020 greatness...

I recently saw Sirena Williams box with Mike Tyson. I love Mike Tyson, I used to watch him as a kid with my dad and there was something about him that really inspired me. He knew who he was and he wasn’t afraid to show it - he wasn’t filtered or perfection focused. He was relentless.

I have a confession to make…

I have a disease and it’s called perfectionism and control… I’m always creating and never really satisfied and until it’s perfect,  I’ll keep going. Control - I don’t need help I can do it all on my own!

These two diseases are the biggest lie of life, WHY? Because you’re not an octopus and God only gave you two hands.

Hi, I’m Joyce, I’m the founder of Alpha Female Academy and the creative Director of AVD London, and today I’m going to tell you how being a perfectionist can hold you back and how I intend on making drastic changes for 2020. I have never really cared about what people thought of me, I am what they call a lone ranger, the one who celebrates in her own company. 

Fun fact #1 - I once did a Mexican wave, whilst laying in bed alone, it was a Friday night so pizza and binge watching the final episodes of Jane the Virgin was looking beyond desirable - I then looked up wondering if anyone saw my mini jubilation… Lol it was just me. My problem is caring about what I think of myself, not from the perspective of fear or acting on my dreams, but fear of not being creatively perfect and wanting to control every aspect of my business. If it’s not perfect the world is not allowed to see it, I have to deem it perfect before it can be seen. Which is absolute foolishness! I’m editing my creative world before others can see it, call it over thinking, call it anxiety, or whatever you’d call it... It’s staying in 2019.  

1. Taking 30 images of the same thing and only posting one

You take 30 images of the same thing, edit four versions and then ask your friend to choose the best one, only to ignore their opinion and post the first unedited picture. 

Social media is a funny world, we speak about wanting to develop a brand and having a voice, but the very fact of self editing is causing your brand to be weak and unfulfilling, you have amazing pictures then what? Your audience want to get to know you, understand your mind, how you think and what you stand for. If you’re always editing how will they get to see the real you or your brand?

2. Not giving your audience a clear call to action

   You  post an image or video and you don’t have a call to action, your audience want to know what they should do with the information you’ve shared. If you’re a fitness brand, do you want them to drink more water? If you’re selling t-shirts, where is the link to buy your t-shirts? Social media is not going to bite you so don’t be scared.

3. Second guessing yourself 

        Why are you second guessing yourself? Is there another person like you or your brand to compare yourself to? No, so then it’s time to get out of your own way and make things happen.

I have a quote for the next decade, ‘I’m a 2020 badass’ meaning whatever my vision is for in 2020, it’s mine, unfiltered, unedited and mine without apology… I am an insanely talented creative genius ( I even feel uncomfortable saying this ), in my mind I’m still learning, I’m still growing but there has to be a point where you stop and say, well done girl, you’re actually really good. I blame it on my uni days, anyone whoever attended Central Saint Martins or any of the University of the Arts London, you’ll know all about the group critiques, we were trained to critique our own work and our peers work. This constant peer to peer critiques and self critique, I believe was the beginning of needing to be perfect all the time. This now needs to stop!


On another note, I’m proud to announce that I’ve made a Limited Edition Bag Collection, three types of bum bags, made from reclaimed leather, sourced from factories in the process of closing down. What’s really important to me as a brand is that we can’t waste and focus on only buying what we need, making quality and longevity a trend of the future whilst permanently eradicating fast fashion.

Another fun fact #2 - I started my design journey as a leather maker, due to lady at church saying that my bags weren’t not good enough, I became disheartened and stopped making them. Fast forward 18 years, I’m back and I’m better doing the very thing I ran away from.

I declare that 2020 is a year of radical movement, no more editing self, no more questioning my capabilities. I hope you can do the same too - that’s my call to action for you. 

Pre-order my Limited Edition AVD  bumbags on